Carnaval de Cadiz

Cadiz is famous for its Carnival.  Crowds come from all over Spain to see its  carnival watch the parades and the singing events.The Cadiz Carnival is Spains most famous Carnival which dates back to the 17th century when Cadiz tried to go one better than the carnival celebrations of Venice.

The Spanish sailors returned from the New World to Cadiz with not only gold and silver, but with the rhythms and musical influences that still dominate today’s Carnival. African and Creole rhythms, sambas and rustic Colombian tunes all intermingle in the streets with local Andalusian songs and traditional flamenco music.

Cadiz is transformed for the two weeks that the carnival takes place where everyone dresses up and take to the streets to enjoy the fun of Carnival.

The programme of events usually follows the following format

Official opening of Carnival
Carrusel of coros
Romanceros competition
Crowning of Carnaval Queen

Carrusel of coros
Main parade
Fireworks in La Caleta

Carrusel of coros

Carrusel of coros (La Viña)

Saturday (Sabado de Piñata)
Panizada (fried bread with fish roe)

Sunday (Domingo de Piñata)
Carrusel of coros
Fireworks in La Caleta

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